Documentary about Michael Jackson.


The whole documentary about Michael Jackson is part of an agenda to destroy black. The media wants to paint the image of pedophilia from white men to black men. These men that are accusing Michael Jackson have no credible evidence, the fact that they have come out as victims we are suppose to believe them even though they have no evidence.

As Michael Jackson says in the video the media are here to manipulate the story. This man was investigated for 10 years by the FBI, they found nothing including no evidence of child abuse. Neverland was randomly searched from top to bottom and he was investigated by Child Protective Services. No evidence of wrongdoing was ever found. Wade Robson, at 22 years of age, testified under oath in Jackson’s 2005 child molestation trial that Jackson had never touched him in a sexual manner.

Furthermore, they are using black women against black men so that they can take out the racial undertones. This is a witch-hunt against black men period. Oprah does not speak for black women or for black people.

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