When it comes to cultural appropriation this is obviously not a new phenomenon when it comes to Europe or white supremacy.

One of the clearest examples is when Egyptian civilisation was plagiarised and presented to the world as Greek Philosophy.



The African God Amun was stolen by Greeks and named Zeus.

There are countless examples of white people white-washing black history, this has happened throughout history and still present.

When people like Katy Perry, and the whole Kardashian family, morbidly appropriate a culture that does not belong to them, for profit and/or notoriety that leads to financial and societal gain. What is even more disrespectful is the fact that when these people enter our space they disrespect us.

Can we also call out those in our community that invite, enable and support these people. We have to be very careful about this; white people are benefiting from our culture financially and at the least not even giving credit. By the time you know it 2pac will be white.


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