My people will perish without knowledge.

This month has been very interest from Actor Liam Neeson admitting that he combed the streets hunting for a Black man to kill, Gucci and Prada making blackface products and NFL athlete promoting light babies.

I won’t go into the details of those stories, am sure most of you have heard about them.

I want to instead focus on the consciousness. More essentially address our perception as black people, coming to terms with our biology, and what this really means. According to Dr Amos Wilson, “…a lack of self-knowledge is a lack of self-awareness is also an insensitivity to the self. But an insensitivity in the self is also an insensitivity to reality and to the outside. Without the sensitivity of the outside world and the self, we are left to blindly stumble from one point to another”.

Self-awareness is the first step to sustainable success. If you don’t understand yourself you cannot become self-realised. There has to be a time when us as black people grow up and realise our truth, and stop depending on a racist white supremacy society to educate us.  When it comes to knowledge, ‘my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’.

White scientists are studying and making synthetic melanin for White people, ‘yet black people are inferior’. Melanin was found to have many benefits including protection from toxins and degenerative diseases, yet we still consider light as better.

As black people we do not know what our skin is, and every day we are trying to assimilate into this society, by hating our skin colour.  It is like saying I hate begin superman.



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