Let’s talk about sex.

Sex is a worship season, it is spiritual.

The first goal is not to reach orgasm RATHER; to please your sexual partner.

It is not about: (sexual excitement), middle (penetration), and end (orgasm) and in 10 minutes you have concluded. Though there’s a time for 10 minutes sex sometimes.

A man’s ability to control his orgasm is a powerful thing.

An orgasm can bring manifestation, healing; Marvin Gaye was right when he said sexual healing.

Essentially an orgasm should strengthen your dreams and ambition.

The power of sex is limitless. When you do it; do it well.

The Big Bang Theory was nothing less than the creator having an orgasm.


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex.

  1. Concise + true. Sex is an innate healer if done correctly with an attentive partner[s]. I never understood when I heard of women declining sex because they have a headache.

  2. So true. I always seek the healing of sexual healing with my husband. Bad day at work…I know exactly how to handle it. Additionally, it gives us a chance to reconnect.

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