Black men are the real alpha male

The black man’s masculinity is frightening to white men.
 A black man has to be a caricature for a white man to feel comfortable and good about his manhood. A strong, noble, intelligent, race-conscious black man will never be famous or idolized, if the observer is a white man.
I was watching the Apprentice on BBC one; Scott, a contestant, the black man on the show, voluntary left two weeks before the final. The comments from publications such as;, huffingtonpost, mirrow were very interesting;
“Apprentice’s Scott ‘stormed out of bedroom over joke about his manhood”
“The candidate received considerable criticism from Lord Sugar after his poor performance, bungling several cringeworthy sales pitches.”
“Being slammed by Lord Sugar and Karren Brady for his poor selling skills.”
Not only are these comments inaccurate but they went far as talking about his manhood/penis. Only white men talk about other men’s penises. White men are very insecure about the black man’s penis, as far as one can recall white men have always been fascinated about the black penis.
Scott would have been fired like anyone on the show if he was under performing. So the remarks  are definitely false. It is justification to claim that he left because he was not good enough. This is where white men’s fear is rooted, they want a black man that is nonthreatening, a black man that is un-conforming and uncompromising is very uncomfortable to them. According to Scott the reason he left was down to his principle. And there is nothing more masculine than having values and not selling out your values for cash. Which is what most of those people would do.
“The main thing for me was, I don’t think that me and Lord Sugar would’ve been happy with each other and I decided at that time on the task that maybe the opportunity was better suited to someone else.
‘I think with some of the comments made in the boardroom, there was quite a few of them all in one hit and I just thought, what would it be like actually working for this guy if I’m not enjoying it at this point now.”
I personally respect him because so many people on that show would comprise they integrate for the chance to win £ 250,000. The fact that he can be uncompromisingly masculine robbed these insecure men of their manhood.
“The more the African male strives to assert himself, to protect his family and lead his nation, the weaker the Anglo-Saxon male feels by comparison, and the greater the attempt to eliminate us through physical violence or spiritual violence, by effeminize the African male, to be a knee-grow thus forcing him to remain submissive.”
And interestingly enough the black man on last year’s show was very emotional and irrational. In contrast, Scott wasn’t something that white men, including lord Sugar, publications such as;, huffingtonpost, mirrow, want to see.



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