They are studying the black man and black woman.

You say melanin has little importance. Yet you have melanin conferences to study melanin. The irony.

There is this myth that melanin is not important apart from being a sunblock, if anything they say the more melanin you have the more inferior you are. I say myth because that idea has been perpetuate but very far from the truth. This is a quote I took from a Melanin studies  (1995-2005)  by white people, the very people that proclaim melanin as inferior: 

“Melanin must be considered not only as a “lattice” but also as a semiconductor. In our opinion in the presence of an atmosphere which was both reducing and oxidising, with electrical discharges, solar radiation at short wavelengths and sudden thermal changes atomic collision, melanin was the birthplace of aromaticity. Melanin, through its large surface, its porosity and its internal molecular sites offers a complex but satisfactory situation for stereo-specific or even metalorganic synthesis. The radical property of melanin is important for the chemical evolution on Earth. Uniformally distributed unpaired electrons in melanin contribute to the creation of organic-metal semiconductors which interfere in organic synthesis. It is important that water can reach the unpaired electrons and condition the relaxation time. In the chemistry of evolution it is always a risk to say which, among all the molecules, is the first, the most primitive.” *Primitive meaning original.




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