Your story is waiting to be written.


That’s where we are at this moment, the only option is to focus our energy on to ourselves and write our own story.  As Kwame Ture says “we cannot have the oppressors telling the oppressed how to rid themselves of the oppressor”. The leopard can’t change its spots. In this case the liar will also be the liar. If the entire existence of white people has been based on lies, their entire survival is based on the big lie. If we focus our energy on us, connect to ourselves, our true self, not the consciousness we program ourselves with every day.  Not the bastardised vision of a white person, our TRUE SELF. Once we become our true self, regards of racism, IT IS GAME OVER! You haven’t even scratched the surface of how much power black people have as humans, you have no clue. You have no idea, once we become who we truly are, IT IS GAME OVER. FINISHED! Once you realise who you are black man, black women, nothing need said.


We are so out of our mind that for some they can’t even comprehend what I am saying. We are so far away from who we are that we actually believe the big lie of the 10 % of the world population. Guess what from that 10% only the 1% of the white population know the truth, so the 9% is being used to perpetuate the big lie. That’s why I am not surprised about the white people that will be offended or are offended about what I said. You cannot refer to the history that has been white-washed as evidence. You have to put things into context. So many white people are miss-educated as we have. The evidence is all around us, the truth. Our minds are so backwards we cannot even see it.


As a black person dare to believe what melanin can do for you.


It’s about time we start focusing on ourselves, and start create our own narrative. Racism will only end with the black man. You are not a black man if you are a bastardised vision of a white man. The biggest threat to the big lie is A GOD REALISED BLACK MAN, the black man who has realised HE IS GOD. We all realise this, it is game over.


You are not a black man if you are a bastardised vision of a white man. Your story black man, black women has not been written yet.



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