You can’t occupy two spaces at the same time; slave or african.


The Zambezi River at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia

We need to change our way of thinking, we are so rich. We have been blessed with melanin, read ‘When melanin come thru‘. We have been blessed with natural resources.  Yet “we” still think of ourselves as poor. That is our biggest sin. For the Black man to be in the position he is in today, he has to be out of his mind. How can God be the servant? Our ancestors saw themselves as Gods and rightly so.

This is exactly what we are doing being servants when we let Europe and America, buy our lands, mines and our resources for basically nothing. Zambia is going through an energy crisis at this moment, because the government sold off mines for a song, but as a sweetener they even promised the buyers cheap electricity. This is a massive crisis; the electricity is being turned off up to eight hours a day.  Furthermore, the electricity goes off just at the time it is most needed when families come home from work, hence, no energy to prepare the evening meal.

Infuriatingly, this is for a country that is one of the wettest in the world, and almost all its electricity comes from the huge power stations at the Kariba Dam and Kafue Gorge. Zambia is used to plenty of electricity, even selling its surplus to neighbouring countries. The root of the current power crisis can be traced back to the period between 2001 and 2008, when the state’s mines were sold off to foreign investors.

This is absolutely pathetic; you fought hard for independence and freedom. Yet go back to the oppressor and give him power. Since the mines where ‘given’ not ‘sold’ to international companies (French, European companies etc) the conditions for the workers, Zambian miners have become bad. A lot of miners have died due to poor working conditions.

We should know by now that these “foreign investors” don’t have the best interest for the Zambian people or black people for that matter.  “We cannot have the oppressors telling the oppressed how to rid themselves of the oppressor” Kwame Ture.

Racism without any apparent ‘racists’ thrives because self-perpetuating racism was intentionally baked into the system at the very beginning. That structural racism will not go away without changing the subconscious, anti-black, core values that are deeply embedded in white supremacy culture (Dr. Amos Wilson).

“For Black people to talk about building up the Black community, marrying other Black people, spending money in the Black community, educating the children in that community and supporting other Black people is neither racism or racist. It is collective self-preservation and good common sense” Runoko Rashidi. It is self-preservation! We can’t destroy white supremacy until we address the internal contradictions in ourselves.

If you don’t learn from history, history will always repeat itself. “History is a light that illuminates the past, and a key that unlocks the door to the future” Runoko Rashidi. “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Lets us pray’. We closed our eyes. When opended them we had the Bible and they had the land” Desmond Tutu.

We need to start looking at ourselves as the black nation rather than individuals. The results of giving away the mines and resources, is not affecting the small population of Zambia, it is affecting the entire population; every single person has been affected.


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