African Renaissance.


Senegal’s African Renaissance Monument presents something spectacular, the black family. An absolutely perfect image to see. Taller than New York’s Statue of Liberty and Rio de Janeiro’s Cristo Redentor. It is 49-meter (160-foot) tall. The statue overlooks the Atlantic Ocean from atop one of two twin hills and was completed in 2010 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence from France.

Senegal has inaugurated a massive $27m (£18m) for the monument. Which leads me to my only criticism, instead of contracting Senegalese or even African engineers, this massive expenditure went to international workers, North Korean. They are plenty of  Senegalese’s engineers that would have created this monument, even in the entire Africa.

The problem is we are always looking outside of ourselves to do something. We want somebody to write and create our narrative. We are the most wealthy and most powerful people… Period! Black by it’s nature is great. We can change this world, with our right mindset. All starts with self knowledge, look at what our ancestors created. Lets change our mindset. The person you have been waiting for is in the mirror. This money would have massively helped the Senegalese people. Celebrating independence is an oxymoron if we are taking away own economic freedom.



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