This is how they rewrite history. African Americans as immigrants?



A Mother received a text from her son, a photo of a colorful page in his ninth-grade McGraw-Hill World Geography textbook, the picture above. In a section titled “Patterns of Immigration,” a speech bubble pointing to a U.S. map read:

The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s and 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations.


McGraw-Hill-World-Geography-textbook (1)

Replacing worker instead of slave implies that there was an element of choice. Clearly everybody knows that African people were stripped of everything, they culture, they choice, freedom, family. Everything was taken away, so how do you refer to them as workers. A worker is not whipped, tortured, raped and treated like an animal.

The book was review before publication. The book has a long list of people that reviewed. These are people with doctorates and “well read” yet they want ahead with no issue about the distinction between worker and slave. Those people are intelligent so it is not by mistake that the word was changed to worker instead of slave.

These are the things we need to be aware of, people that control your history, control you future, if you look at our current paradigm it is clearly.

Our history has been white washed, presented as we did nothing when we created everything. Now history books says ‘… civilization came from the Greeks’, which is a clear falsification of history. Black Africans taught Greeks, taught them and civilised them. If it wasn’t for African there wouldn’t be the so called ‘Greek civilization’. This is how history is white washed, a few centuries from now the history books will be saying blacks came here as workers.

This is how history is erased. What if this child did not send the text to his mother or didn’t even notice the wording. This is an excellent example of people that know themselves and their history. It would be easy to look at it as just nuance of language. However, the future implications if somebody had no knowledge of slavery they wouldn’t think otherwise.


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