Racist Facebook users relentlessly mocked a 3-year-old black child



What sort of people would think this is funny to post a picture of a 3 year old child and make the child the centre of their racist and abusive comments.

This man took a picture with his coworker’s son and posted on his facebook page. The boy’s mother, Sydney Jade, was a coworker of Hilton’s.

What is surprising to me is this man felted entitled to take a picture of a minor without the mother’s consent and posted on facebook. To then project such racism, the language was so blatantly brutal, offensive and degrading, just shows how inhumane white people are.

Jade the mother of the three year old described her office as small, “…there’s only 10 people. We all hang out,”…tightly knit group.” Therefore, she never anticipated such dysfunctional behaviour.

Racism is present, no doubt, but never did I think that this would result to a grown group of people publicly viciously attacking a child. To this point am just surprised the sort of abuse white people use against black people in the name of racism. It is so vile, my mind can’t comprehend. Surely if black people acted in this way they would be justified because of the amount of abuse projected, but for white people, not being the victim, having this really sick, vile, twisted psyche is illustrating a real sickness.

3 thoughts on “Racist Facebook users relentlessly mocked a 3-year-old black child

  1. This *is* horrendous, but please don’t assume it’s how all “white people are.” Trust me, we’re well aware of just who, and how much, we have to be ashamed of.

    1. It is indeed. This is a problem that I have with the entire population of white people. When you see this kind of injustice against black people, you do three things. You say this is terrible. Secondly, but ‘not all white people are like that though’. Thirdly, join in to match. Essentially what does not happen is “let’s sit down as white people and find a way to stop this “small” population of white that continue to perpetuate these horrific acts”. This has never happened racism has been around for more than 200 years. If the majority of white people were not racist, racism would not exist. Racism exists and illustrates that the majority of white people are racist. And more importantly your inaction demonstrates inherently that you do not want any change because you benefit from racism. So one would be accurate in saying that the majority are racist and even to some degree the entire population of white people maybe racist.

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