Too Dark to Club: Omarion Cancels Appearance At DSTRKT


DSTRKT is a london club that turned away black women for being too dark.

The first thing that came to mind was Jim Crow era and the South African apartheid, NO BLACKS ALLOWED. The interesting thing about this club is it sells itself as “urban”. It plays afro beats, Rnb, hip hop ect and bring black celebrities. However, their perception is that black women are too dark to go into their club. The club clearly exploits black culture and has no respect or regard for black people. This is yet another example of cultural appropriation, where whites steal our stuff and claim it and monetizes on it. I am so glad that a lot of black people are standing against this behaviour, especially our celebrities such as Omarion, Azealia Banks. Omarion even cancelled his appearance scheduled at the club.

When I first heard about this story I thought about the black community and how we perpetuate this sort of behaviour in our culture, especially black men when it comes to black women. I only date ” light skinned women”, “dark skinned women are not pretty”, the list goes on. Am so proud of my black men standing up against the behaviour of this club.

However, to some extent you might argue that other communities do see what goes on among black people, and the club is catering to the needs of black men, especially the celebrities that they invite. If you look at the music videos who do you see, you see light skinned women as the main girls. How do you expect other people to respect you when you don’t respect yourself. We don’t respect our melanin, we think it is ugly. Just simple as that. So don’t be surprised when other people disrespect us. We determine how other people treat us. Self-knowledge is key, read When melanin come thru.

I think the biggest lesson we need to learn from this is self-knowledge and appreciation. People will only treat you the way you let them. This colourism has gone on too long. It is a clear indication that we do not love ourselves. This self-hatred comes from not knowing the power our melanin has. We have let a white man tell us that our melanin is ugly, because he does NOT like the fact that he doesn’t have melanin.

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