When melanin come thru


You can’t limit melanin only to skin colour. Melanin is beautiful and also almighty powerful.

There has been a systematic conditioning  that the only function of melanin is skin pigmentation. Yet they hold melanin conference every year to study and find a way of replicating this melanin that black people already have.

Yet some of you want to bleach you skin and get rid of your pigment.


Melanin, hue, colour, is representation of something greater. Melaninated people are not hated because of color but instead because of function. The color is a representation of the function.

When you look at vegetables and fruits, the pigmented food groups are called super food because they contain the most vitamins and are rich in antioxidants; even though this analogy is simplistic that’s the simple truth. They are the most nutritious food groups. There is truth to that saying, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Melanin is BLACK because its chemical structure allows no energy to escape. It is also Black because Black is the perfect absorber of light and all energy frequencies, making Black Melanin the super absorber of Energy and Light! Thus scientists describe it as acting like a “black hole.”


Melanin is the key to greatness. Melanin is vastly more than pigment. You need melanin for your body to function.  Melanin has been responsible for survival, our humanity, our greatness and civilization, our spirituality, and indeed the key to our total liberation.

Melanin is also what gives us intelligence. Ancients African mastered the universe to a very high level, they discovered that we, Africans, had an innate intelligence that could be measured as being equal to the geometrical angle of the earth = 360 degrees. “Among Eurasians, the most intelligence and higher level of perception and spirituality, are members of wicked secret societies such as; the Illuminati, and the Freemasons. Out of the 360 degrees{} that the Africans developed in their mysteries school, they (the illuminati/freemason) only managed to obtain 32 degrees. Their brain has limited capacity to store intelligence (Suzar; Black Out Through Whitewash). Black infants develop quicker.  They sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than whites, and demonstrate more advanced cognitive skills than their white counterparts because of their abundance of Melanin. In fact, all the most crucial brain structures are heavily melanized.


Ancient African had a great deal of knowledge about melanin. With that knowledge they built great African civilizations, that started on the Nile Valley and later reached the four corners of the continent, and developed different forms of spirituality to a very high level, which later gave birth to the world’s major religions.

Melanin is the neuro-chemical basis for what is called “SOUL” in Black people. Melanin is also responsible for rhythm and athleticism.

Melanin gives black people superior abilities, physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.

it is really interesting that now, European-American scholars and scientists have suddenly decided that race is really a meaningless designation.




Dr. Amos Wilson; The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child

Dr. Richard king’s book; The Afrikan Origin Of Biological Psychiatry

Suzar; Blacked Out Through Whitewash 

Richard King; Melanin key to freedom 

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