Europe can learn a lot from a black man.


The black man adores the black woman contrary to what is perceived. We shouldn’t entertain this idea about black men ‘don’t like or date black women’. That is a false concept used to push certain agendas. The real truth is that a black man in his right mind adores the black woman. For the sake of our black community we need to understand this.  Everything is about relationships and if we as black people are going to overcome the effects of racism we need to analyse how we interact, and treat each other.

If you ask a black man the most important person in his life, he will always certainly say his mother. This great respect for black women can be traced back to African empires and kingdoms. Hence, when we talk equal rights for women, that fight was never for black women and black men, as we never needed to fight for equal rights against black men. A black man never considered the black woman as less than him. The dysfunctional relationship was between a white man and a white woman. For a black man it is an inherent part of his DNA to respect the woman and couldn’t perceive a world without her. It was only when we adopted this Eurocentric mind-set that women wouldn’t take part in certain areas or have the same rights as men ect. Ancient Africans had a deep-seated respect for women.


The African Woman was never seen as a rib or an afterthought to a man, she was seen as an equal. There was no distinction between the female and male. Women were allied and complementary to a man. There was no ill-treatment of African women by their men. The women’s place not only with her family; she often ruled nations with unquestionable authority. Women were able to own land, property and had the same rights in court as the men. In all African kingdoms, from Kemet, Kush, Ethiopia, Nubia to Mali, the black woman was seen as God, it was through her that all human life begin. Europeans brought this concept of a woman being a second class citizens, this idea never existed in African culture.


In ancient Greece Women’s participation in society was very limited, not allowed to participant in politics or warfare. Women were kept apart from men. They were usually confined to the back or upper part of the house. Girls married when they were about 15. Marriages were arranged for them and often their husband was much older than them. In the 16th and 17th centuries, in Europe, the professions (teacher, lawyer, doctor) were closed to women. It was only in the 19th century that women started to gain some opportunities. The disparity is present to some degree and  income difference between men and women is most prominent, even though women have gone very far to improve rights for women.


It is only when we adopt the backwards mentality that we started to act backs and against our nature. The dysfunctionality is not part of our psyche.

We need to get into our right mind to achieve anything significant on this planet. If we are talking about black excellence, how do you look to a people that are dysfunctional. White people have unresolved issues; they continue to do the most horrendous acts against the black woman and black man. You have nothing to learn from somebody who has destroyed humanity to this extent, in every aspect of life. A white man has never created anything.  If anything they have destroyed the planet. Everything they have is not a discovery.  They stole all the technology and sciences from Africa and using them to destroy the planet. It is not a coincide that Africans brought civilisation to the world. Black people, our real power lays in our nature.

Source: Black Women In Antiquity – Professor Ivan Van Sertima.


12 thoughts on “Europe can learn a lot from a black man.

    1. Oh my gosh, thanks for reminding me, this book is a fantastic source pertaining to this topic, Black Women In Antiquity – Professor Ivan Van Sertima. It talks about the key role black queens, madonnas, and goddesses played.

    2. I think the biggest problem with blacks today is lack of self-knowledge. Everything that is natural has been striped away from us, replaced with a lesser power from a white man. By nature we have everything, from our skin to our land. We don’t understand that melanin is far deeper than just skin color. Africa is full of natural resources, it is the most riches place on the earth. With all the power we have, how can we be in the position we are now, it all starts with our consciousness. Great book, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy… by Dr Amos N. Wilson. Dr Amos N. Wilson is certainly spot on with this one.

      1. I like this comment here. It shows that you’re aware that we have problems as black folks that we need to address. I’m not sure we’re going to agree with other things once I start posting (because I’m a little harsher on blacks), but we’ll see. I’m sure I’m going to be arguing with people on here, but I feel like it’s the only way to make people think rather than parrot back information they hear from others.

  1. I understand what you are trying to do with this article but it’s pretty problematic. For starters, it’s a sweeping generalisation of Africa and African history. You must remember that there are 52 countries in Africa and over 2000 cultures, each with its own history. To say that patriarchy never existed in any of these cultures before colonisation is a massive generalisation and isn’t true. While it is true that colonisation arguably entrenched certain patriarchal values that either didn’t exist or were not as pronounced before colonisation, it’s not true at all to suggest that patriarchy never used to exist anywhere in Africa.

    Also, what do you mean that there was no distinction between male and female in precolonial Africa? If you mean that there weren’t any gender roles and expectations then that is not true. There most certainly were. I’m a bit curious to read this book, as it seems to be guilty of homogenizing Africa and misrepresenting our cultures and history. Once again, Africa is not a monolithic entity. You cannot speak about us as if we are one big group with the same culture and the same history.

    Just to clarify, I am an African woman who was born, raised, and still lives on the continent

    1. Thank you for the comment; I appreciate what you have said. In this article I am talking about Africa precolonial and the kingdoms I have mentioned in the article, I am not talking about present Africa which has been influenced by the West heavily.

      Based on my research on the topic, what is expressed are the observations. If you have contrary information on the matter at hand, feel free to share that information. This blogs is about facilitating discussion. In present Africa there are thousands of cultures, but between cultures there are also similarities. But, how you choose to look at that is subjective.

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