Where can I find God…


The problem is people want to belong. Nobody can know your body and mind better than you. Everything starts from within. This is the biggest thing in life, finding God is essentially finding yourself; you will know what your limitations are or lack of limitations. So it should be an individual journey.

People have a tendency to group; you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindi, Atheist ect.

If you are a Christian, ‘you are a nice person’.

If you are a Muslim or Hindi you are this and that. What I have learnt is my journey is my own. Instead of listening to anybody I am taking this journey solo, by myself and am taking it very seriously. Even in spiritual community there is so many categorizes. Above all one thing I know is the truth shall set you free.

God is very important; your prospective determines how you see yourself and people around you. And I refuse to put that into somebody else hands, to determine what I should and shouldn’t be. I trust myself enough to know that the truth will resent within me.

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