Women are not checking for limp…

oraineWomen don’t like limp dick. They want it strong and rock hard! When she touches that thing fire has to come off. It has to radiate.

You want to know how to get that hard. Have an ambition. Have your life in position. Do your purpose! As Zo Williams puts it ‘Fuck Your Purpose’! When you fuck your purpose there is a certain level of confidence that you project. When a man has a feeling his life is in check, he automatically becomes an alpha. So key is to have a purpose. A man should have an aim in life, regardless of what he wants to achieve, become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, musician, dancer, artist, you should have a goal and an aim to get there. You should set objectives, aims and visualise that. As I have said in a previous post, black men are alphas. Black men brought civilisation to the world together with black women. When a black man knows his power and strength and combine that with a purpose and a black woman who is God realised, there is nothing they can’t achieve, that’s why white people will promote anything but black love to stop that power. 

I was having a discussion with a friend, talking about dating. The topic of money came up…. Quote “Women ‘black women’ want money. They like to ask a man what’s his five year and ten year plan”. My response was, women like clear leadership and when you have a clear direction of your life she is more inclined to follow you and respect you. “When I hear about plans straight away I know she is after money.” When he said this somehow my respect and attraction towards him decreased. I am not advocating anything but what I am trying to say is, when a man is “fucking his purpose” it shows.

I am not blind to the fact that white people’s aim is to dis-empower the black man and destroy the black family. So they can say least we are not “them”, even though, white people have more issues than anyone on this planet. They continue to kill, discriminate and act inhumane towards black people around the world. How can you kill so many people in the history of humanity and still have the audacity to compare yourself to somebody. There is something wrong in their psyche, but this is a topic for other day.

Therefore, due to the limited opportunities that are afforded to black men, certain men strongly feel that they can’t be able to excel in what they want to and be able to provide for their family. This is the biggest lie from the enemy. This is actually the other way round, they need us to get rich. The west and everything they have, was built was on the backs of slaves. Another case in point, they are taking resources from Africa. Yet they are saying Africa needs ‘our financial help’. Remember what happened to Gaddafi, when he decided to bring forth a system that would enhance the financial status of Africa has a continent. They say African Americans own nothing yet have the biggest spending power. You see what is wrong with that picture. That is how you create dependence.  Said all that to say, everybody is getting rich off us, whether you are an African or African American, everyone is getting rich off you apart from yourself.

Black people by nature are abundant in everything, intellectually (it doesn’t get bigger than bringing civilisation to the world, sciences, mathematics, architecture, speech… ), physically blacks are more genetically strong than their white counter parties (for those whose who want to refute the claim refer to the 2008, Cornell University study revealing that genetics of Europeans have far more harmful mutation and many other studies that have revealed the key function of melanin in the body), socially we are very creative even in the most difficult situations and emotionally no matter what is going on we always bounce back. The creator has even blessed us with minerals and resources in our African soil. There is nothing we can’t excel in. For our ancestors it was not unusual for one person to have different titles in different fields, in economics, architecture, politics, medicine and so forth.

The essential key to purpose is to realise there are no limitations. Nobody can stop God. You are God. Nobody can know your body and mind better than you. Everything starts from within. Nothing starts outside, from somebody else.

Coming back to the sexual element of the topic, when you have sex with a woman you are feeding her with your conscious, and she will give birth to that. She will give birth to you fears, distrust, dishonesty and insecurities. After that interaction the woman becomes possessive, insecure, paranoid ect. This reflects so many relationships and many don’t know the source of their problems.

On the positive side, a man that has a purpose, not scared of anything because he knows he is God, the women will give birth to his goals, she will believe in that man, she will support that man, and she will lay back in her feminine energy because she knows this man is a leader.

So when you fuck your purpose, the lady will be able to take the ‘D’. When you fuck her with confusion, you will create further confusion then you started off with.

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