Wake up!

You cannot be an African and Slave at the same time.

Watched this video and decided that I would post, this is exactly what I discussed in –

A white man is writing your story at this moment.

We talk about “our lives matter” and changing our narrative. if that is surely what we want, then we need to start making economic strides as black nations. I know a lot of black people do not want to conform to the white society, “we are just like you mentality”. But if we are really about business, we can’t just be about waking up every morning going to work and at the end of the day post something on your profile about how you are disgusted about Sandra Bland’s death. We should start by investing in each other, spend money with people that look and think like us. Those black businesses should be about the enrichment and development of black nations and communities.

How can people that spend the most money have such little power about their political status.If we don’t get this right we will still be begging and getting nowhere. Remember these people are working 24 hour planning our every move.  

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