Is white supremacy just short for an insecure white boy?


In The Isis Paper, The keys to the Colors Dr Frances Cress Welsing, states that racism (white supremacy), having begun as a form of alienation towards self now has evolved into the most highly refined form of alienation towards others as well. She further expands this idea by highlighting that the destructive and aggressive behavioural patterns displayed throughout the world by white peoples towards all non-white peoples is the evidence of inner hate, hostility and rejection they feel towards themselves and of the deep self-alienation that has evolved from their genetic inadequacy.

Conscious or subconscious the white race feels an intimidation towards black people, especially the black male. This was evident by the way enslaved men and women were physically treated. What is interesting is the role that sexuality played in the physical treatment of enslaved black men and women. This treatment is now present on the mental level, discrimination from employment and representation of black people in society as a whole. Even though now, the actions of the white population is not evident on the physical level there is an underlying physical element in white supremacy, the capabilities and abilities of a black man and black woman.

Do you think the white male’s insecurity comes from the white man’s envy of the black man’s phallus? Meaning both its potential and attributes?

If a master thought that a certain man might have strong, healthy offspring, the enslaved man was not only forced to have sexual relations, but he would be made to have sex in the master’s presence. White men viewed black men as, hang like a horse, hyper-sexed and almost animal-like sexuality.  When accused of attempted rape, they were often punished with castration; enslaved black men were coerced by white women to have sex, with the threate to accuse them of rape or attempted rape if they did not agree to sex.

According to Dr Welsing, white envy of the black phallus is also addressed unconsciously when whites constantly concern themselves with the comparative size of the black phallus versus the size of the white phallus (Dr Frances Cress Welsing, In The Isis Paper, The keys to the Colors).

The power of his genetic material in his testicles further causes fear about genetic annihilation in the white psyche(Dr Frances Cress Welsing, In The Isis Paper, The keys to the Colors).

However, what is even more interesting is, according to Jean-Paul Sartre, ‘European has only been able to become a man through creating slaves and monsters’ (Jean-Paul Sartre, ‘Preface’, in Fanon, F., The Wretched of the Earth, Penguin, London, 1967). This should help to explain why white males feel the need, “must attack and destroy the black family emotional or physically”.

My observation is that this can be linked to what is currently happening now in relation to police brutality- ‘to compensate my inadequacy I should have physical power over you, consequently to be able to prove my manhood, I should create slaves and monsters dynamic’.

The need to create a system that oppresses, dominates and inferiorise black people and people of colour speaks a thousand words.

2 thoughts on “Is white supremacy just short for an insecure white boy?

  1. Excellent read. I always wondered about a group of people that can have a picnic as a man hanges from a tree in the forefront. What does that say about that group and we still have clear evidence of an inner hate with them…its not us we don’t have that soul they seem to possess

    1. Their emotional issues are very dark. They project that onto black people as they inherently feel inferior. Specifically their history has been built on lies, they try and reconcile that with the need to feel superior.

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