A white man is writing your story at this moment.


The man that controls your history controls your future. When a person is miss educated, the idea he has about himself will be based on the miseducation.

A white man has told you that you are inferior, you are a slave, you are not intelligent, he has created your subconscious. Your actions and the way you perceive yourself then determine how you operate in life. As a black person you can’t self-actualise if you are conforming to the standard a white man has set. Am saying this to say, white people have created the narrative and we look up to this narrative as the standard. Mind you this narrative is faulty and fraudulent.

Most of us do not want to challenge what we have been taught; rather we want to integrate into a system that was not made for black people or people of colour, and “show them we are all the same”. From the time white people begin to brutalise and kill people of colour to this day, the aim and objective has always been the same, to protect themselves from being extinct. This is the foundation of white supremacy, which all institutions are based on. Religion, science, history ect are based on this idea. The war of white genetic survival attacks the functioning of Blacks in general, but most specifically attacks the Black male (Francis Cress Welsing). That is the reason we need to be patient with each other and try to understand, rather than these “gender wars”.

Trying to prove yourself is not going to get you brownie points from white people. Don’t get it wrong white elites and institutions understand the blackness and the power it possess. They have taken away your power and give you a lesser power. There is nothing physically, spiritual, intellectual etc, that is here now that black people did not create. We are the original people and now you are begging white people to love you and respect you, when you gave them everything they know and more.
Asking white people that “black lives matter?”. Waiting for them to stop killing us for us to actually realise that our lives matter? If we really knew that black lives matter we would stop pleading and instead start to strategize economically. ECONOMIC SELF-DEFENCE, at the end of the day a white man is only after your resources and money, and doesn’t care if he kills you to get it.

Everything starts with black; you are the beginning and the end.

Godfrey Higgins, in his still prodigious work, Anacalypsis, observed: We have found the Black complexion or something relating to it whenever we have approached the origin of nations. The Alma Mater, the Goddess Multimammia, the founders of the Oracles, the Memnon of first idols, were always Black. Venus, Jupiter, Apollo, Bacchus, Hercules, Asteroth, Adonis, Horus, Apis, Osiris, and Amen: in short all the…deities were black. They remained as they were first…in very ancient times.

They have tried to replicate what we built centuries ago, and still cannot be able to with the technology that is currently available. They have melanin conferences, because they understand the powerful nature of what blackness possesses. Understand the power of thought; we have been reduced to our current plight because we have given our African consciousness to a white man. As Dr Amos Wilson states, you cannot be an African and a Slave at the same time. We can only be in our current position if our thinking is backwards. And consequently, when you look at the world that we live in African people, we must recognize to a great extent, it is a world of our own creation, it is a world that has been generated with a type of consciousness we’ve been permitted to be instilled in us as a people (Dr Amos Wilson). A small minority of the world population can only rule by making backwards the mentality of the large majority (Dr Amos Wilson).

Our history has been manipulated and replaced with the European history, or what we call ‘his-story’. A man’s consciousness is the creative force. To manipulate history is to manipulate consciousness; to manipulate consciousness is to manipulate possibilities. European history is created in such a way that it makes us detached from reality and separates us from what we are. The effect here is really what happens here if we don’t know our history; we have let a white man determine our narrative. The situation we are in at this moment is created by the conscious we have, it has robbed us of knowledge and history of self.

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