African Civilisation is World civilisation.

visualA clear view of history is able to help us create the future. This means having a clear knowledge of the actual historical events. I will be posting daily what Africans have contributed to the world.  It is evident that there is certainly a lack of knowledge about the true historical contributions made by Africans.

To embark on this journey I must first dispel the biggest myth. The myth that the West brought civilisation to the world.  Africa brought civilisation to the west, the west did not have civilisation prior to Africans bring the concept to them.

However, investigation around the world and factual evidence, shows that the West have not been objective enough to teach history without crude falsification.

The Africans brought enormous learning to Spain that over centuries would percolate through the rest of Europe. Generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record.

Black Africans advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture. They brought this knowledge and helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. The sources below are very useful if you want to do research in regards to the contribution of Africa in ending the European’s Dark Ages.

Golden Age Of The Moor, Edited by Ivan Van Sertima
Natures Knows No Color-Line, by J. A. Rogers

5 thoughts on “African Civilisation is World civilisation.

  1. These books look fascinating, thankyou. Of course many of the Africans bringing this knowledge were Muslim, which the West also often conveniently forgets. I look forward to your posts on what Africans have contributed to the world.

  2. Your limited vocabulary, grammar and spelling errors show how stupid you are.

    “Africa brought civilisation to the west, the west did not have civilisation prior to Africans bring the concept to them.”

    Your sources are nothing but Black Supremacist bias lies which have been debunked by historical evidence.

    Delusional black Supremacist insecure loser, you still can’t seem to back up your ignorant opinions with any fact. It was the Italian Renaissance that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.

    You are wrong, the Cradle of Civilization is Sumeria you stupid delusional black supremacist, Sumeria predates Ancient Egypt (all info about ancient egypt is here) Who Ancient Egyptians really were

    The Moors were not black ,they were primarily Moroccan berbers and they had black slaves, face the truth, not black supremacist lies. This shows pictures drawn by a Spaniard during the Moorish invasion, it shows the Moors coming into Spain, as you can see, all lighter skinned men and one black man in the crowd.

    West African black kingdoms assimilated into Arab Muslim Culture and Southern Morocco had a black minority, this is why the myth that all the Moors were black persists when the truth is, these Black “Moors” were far outnumbered by the Arabs and Berbers and these Blacks were either Soldiers or Slaves.

    Slave status has been passed down through the generations.[11] The descendants of black Africans captured during historical slave raids now live in Mauritania as “black Moors” or haratin, some of them still serve as slaves to the lighter-skinned “white Moors” or Beydanes,[1] (Berbers or mixed Berber-Arabs, descendants of slave-owners known collectively as al-bidhaan).[11]

    1. Wow so your intelligence is evidenced by your use of Wikipedia/personal blogs. Those are really legitimate sources. That is why you definitely need to continue to read my blog and actually get educated and learn true history.

      1. It does not matter if it is Wikipedia or a blog, all of those sources have citations to where they got the information from. You are a delusional black supremacist, you won’t even approve some of my comments, you are the one learning the truth, not me. Still, you are in complete denial and still believe your laughable black supremacist non sense when I have proven you wrong.

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