White men will never accept you.

I am sad and feed up of seeing so many black women online showing extreme signs of self-hatred.

I am really feed up of this. Let’s just be real, white people, in reference to white MEN will not accept us. Period. That’s why we see studies stating black women are ugly, unattractive, undesirable etc. Let’s not be under an illusion that this is a mistake. This is not a mistaken, there are people out there constructing this. Therefore, us to then up lift white men or non-white men, makes us look pathetic and not worth of respect. We are craving attention from white men, you can only look at the internet and see how many blogs pertaining to black women and white men, and the majority created by black women. There is nothing wrong with attraction, but look at where this “want” is coming from, is it coming from the need to be accepted. The more you try to get close to white people the more you start to hate them, but that’s a waste of time and energy. What we need to start to do is to understand this system and why this system exists. You need to reclaim you position in this world black women, you are the first people on earth that give birth to every single race; everyone come from a black man and a black woman. Therefore, we should treat ourselves with the respect that warrants this.

This system has an aim. They have created this system for themselves, the question is do you want to spend your life time trying to be accepted by white people, knowing that this is a system created by white people for they own interest.

If it takes my life time preaching about this then it will, until this sinks into people’s minds and heads. There is no way the mother and the first people on earth can be reduced to this level. Your behaviour should reflect who we are.

5 thoughts on “White men will never accept you.

  1. although I agree with some of your points I think it is off…way off. If anyone is looking for acceptance from white men it would be black men who publicly degrade black women. They are the only men of any race that state over and over again why they hate black women. I have no problems with interracial dating but I’m never going to tell any white man or woman for that matter that I don’t love my own or make them feel like they are my world because my men are not worthy. Black men scream this MUCH louder than black women. I don’t know about all these interracial blogs you speak of but I do see more black women dating outside of their race and WHY is that? you know as well as I do why.
    We have to first heal within our own group and learn to love, protect, and defend one another as a whole. Yes, I get what you’re saying but maybe you should direct it at the men who should be the HEAD OF OUR HOMES and not Becky’s

    1. I agree with you that we need to heal ourselves first. Therefore, that is why I have a problem with black women going out of their way to meet white men, it show a strong sign of low self-esteem. Everything that white people have done looking over history is to discredit black people in every sense, even to this day. Therefore, seeking approval from white people shows lack of self respect. I have come across blogs tell black women to go to Europe to meet white men. Notwithstanding that, on a large level black men seek relationships with white women. You only have to look outside to know this. We certainly have to address this situation. The reason I am focusing on black women is that I am also a black woman who once suffered from the inferior complex and consequently choosing other people over my own or myself. This was clearly due to lack of understanding about myself and where I come from. With this understanding I feel the need to remind myself that the white supremacy society does affect our actions unless we are conscious of it and it’s motives. This is what I want to motivate in black women as it is evident that we do not understand our influence and strength.

  2. When I read this I have more questions that I’d like. Why in 2014 is anyone looking for external approval from strangers? Your opinion of yourself with some input from loved ones is really all you need. The rate of interracial dating, families, marriages and children should make us ALL get over race. There are SO many other things that make us attractive or unattractive. Although I have never dated outside my race, I am not opposed to it. I do see those blogs and facebook pages. I think they are great. Maybe black women will stop policing who Black men are dating and marrying. We have a reputation for attacking our black men when they “step out”. I think we all need to be more open-minded and start seeing the person regardless of race. Do you have similar beliefs, religion, politics, educations, desires, dreams, etc.

  3. Brilliant article I agree with you totally, a lot of black women seem to think that the white man is their saviour, forgetting the fact that it is the white man that is at that started and continues to this day white supremacy and sexism.

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