Nice guys finish last !


Speaking as a woman I do not agree with the statement. Reason being women want men that are going to respect them, men that are assertive and confidence. A man that takes charge, especially  if you are looking for a woman that is confident and independent, she wants a man that will let her be the woman in the relationship by him taking control. Do you know what the difference is between a “good guy” and “bad guy”, confidence! Usually “good guy” do not feel like they can approach a woman and strike up a conversation because they want to respect her space, but this is the confidence that women are attracted to. They want a man that can take responsibility of what he wants and yet still not been called names. I have never in my life tried to put energy in a man that disrespected me. Am attracted to confident men, but if a man tries to disrespect me in anyway, that will be it. Most woman over the age of 25 want men that are respectful, hold themselves in the highest regard, assertive etc. Those are the men women what to be in a relationship with.

3 thoughts on “Nice guys finish last !

  1. I love this article, it’s so true and something alot of men don’t understand, as a man it took me a long time to understand this too because men are constantly programmed on by the media that approaching a woman is bad alot of men don’t do it because they don’t want to be seen as jerks, but in my experience women want confident men who can approach them and even if they reject them, men who can take the rejection with a smile. I feel confidence is the biggest turn on for women in men, not money.

    1. I appreciate you comment, most importantly because you are a man and can sort of understand what am implying. Yes confidence is the biggest thing, even if you don’t have money but if you show her that you believe in yourself and confidence reflects throughout your life, that woman, if she is in her right mind will be on your side to make sure that the dream turns into reality (in the process of writing a blog about this topic, stay tuned). So initially yes confidence is the biggest thing, I agree with you the media has this thing about turning man into boys, “women don’t like to be approached, and she will reject you”. So what if that woman rejects you. To some extent it’s true some women don’t like to be approached. However, that is down to this western perverted society that goes against everything natural; relating, meeting, communicating finding the opposite sex attractive is a natural part of human life. I have lived in African, even if they have access to technology; they prefer and rather meet people face to face. Nevertheless, even here, the west, the majority of men I have dated we met while doing my normal tasks. My brother says something powerful, “As a man you should accept rejects”, are you going to think of yourself less of a man if they reject you for a job. Rejection is part and parcel. I enjoyed reading your comment, thank you.

      1. So true, I agree with you totally, I have wrote an article about this before, the problem I used to have was, I used to hear so many women moaning about being approached, especially about black guys approaching them and how the men who approached them were disrespectful and that women want to be left alone, that I really thought I was being a good guy by not approaching,then I thought damn this how am I ever gonna get a woman, and what’s so bad about talking to a woman who I’m attracted to. A woman told me something one day she said women are turned on by men who approach them with confidence. Thanks for the reply, I’m looking forward to your article.

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