Negative stereotypes used to oppress black women


As a black woman I have often come across people who cannot believe how confident, intelligent, articulate and comfortable I am in my skin. They are often resistant to who I am and try to categories me in a box of who they think a black woman should be. Like any other woman we deserve to be who we want to be. This is a biggest challenge, as every where you go or look white people want you to look, feel and be a certain way. Therefore, to live the life we deserve we need to know our identity and make it the core of your life. Know the true: Jesus died for us so we can live a fulfilling life, Jesus did not died for white or black people, he died for each and every single person on this earth. He love us all and made us all in his image. We are all entitled to what God has for us. God has given me all the talents and gifts, hence nobody regardless of their skin tone will stop me from achieving whatever I need to do. You just have to have a strong and determined spirit. That character does not come over night. You consistently have to remind yourself of how great you are. I know it is hard, especially when you do not see great examples of black women in the public eye. Therefore I will address black women that have got it together, so that you can use this as a reference point:

the reality
the reality

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